Land Development

We already have substantial interests in several strategic real estate properties that cover current land status of residential converted, commercial converted, revenue lands, lands under conversion process, farm lands, and agricultural lands.

At the current instance, we have 2 ongoing land developments that cover saleable land mass in excess or more than 1 lakh square feet. The total area slated to be developed is more than 3.0 million square feet.

Our developments are planned to ensure & encourage planting and growth of variety of trees, least cutting down of existing trees and are always made keeping mind a potential population growth of at least 50 times the maximum possible living space based on current methods.

This is done considering future growth and seamless sharing of infrastructure with other areas developed/likely to be developed by others in neighboring areas. This ensures less traffic clogging, enable planned expansion of common city infrastructure such as sanitation, water distribution, road development, power distribution, communication facilities and entertainment to name just a few.

Latest Projects

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We build Residential Condominiums, Villas, Multilevel Apartments, Industrial Clusters, Integrated Townships and Commercial Complexes. Our projects are currently being developed in Bangalore.


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